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Success Stories in Food Processing

Green Gables Vines

A local couple with a passion for winemaking is transforming a vineyard into a destination meeting place. Green Gables Vines owner Marie Chinnatamby and winemaker Richard Deslandes are pleased to be offering an exciting selection of white, rosé, off-dry, dry red and fruit-flavoured wines at the winery. "This is a lot of fun," says Richard, who has been crafting with care new blends from the five-acre vineyard. "People seem to want to taste local wines and buy local," he says. "We chose to offer an organic, high-quality product even when it means a lower production volume. There are no herbicides or pesticides used to produce our wines. We accept a few more weeds to get better, healthier wine," says Richard.
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Stone Crop Acres Winery

A combination of many serendipitous opportunities and the wisdom, know-how and willingness to take full advantage of those opportunities could be said to be the ‘secret’ of success for Norene Hyatt-Gervais, owner and winemaker of Morrisburg’s popular Stone Crop Acres Winery, which is celebrating its first anniversary this July.
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Gibbons Family Farm Maple Sugar House

Frankville  - When the Gibbons name goes on a bottle of maple syrup, it's assured a great tasting product is inside. "We very much take pride in producing the best quality maple syrup and maple products," says Sarah Gibbons, who enjoys at this time of year labelling each jar with care. "When our name is on it, it is a maple syrup we know we would buy ourselves and enjoy eating," says Sarah.  Gibbons Family Farm Maple Sugar House is famous for its Canada Grade A Amber rich syrup collected from its 4,500 taps in Elizabethtown-Kitley Township. Maple sugar candy, maple lollipops and sugar pops, maple and cinnamon butter are all made on site and for sale in the farm's shop. New this year is maple popcorn. 
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4 Degrees Brewing Company

Get the founders of 4 Degrees Brewing Company, Nick Ritchie and Andrew Howard, talking about beer and it’s easy to see where their passion lies – with the cold, frothy, hoppy brew that’s taken the Ontario food and drink industry by storm, and is set to do the same in Smiths Falls. With breweries popping up in virtually every community in Eastern Ontario, you’d think people would tire of hearing about yet another opening, but it seems there’s no end in sight for the craft brewery trend, least of all in Smiths Falls. Here, the local community has rallied around 4 Degrees, and waited patiently for more than five years for its arrival.
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Beking's Poultry Farm

The Beking family likes to put smiles on the faces of their customers by providing great tasting eggs. This third-generation farm uses natural farming methods feeding their 23,000 free-roaming hens a vegetarian, all-grain, diet free from animal by-products, hormones and antibiotics. Their slogans are 'Direct from farm to you' and ‘Eggs the way they are supposed to taste.'
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Valley Custom Cutting

They only just held their grand opening, and Dan and Angie Hoystead have been delighted with the response. “We hit our target for sales on the first day, and we’ve tripled our sales in three days, before we’ve even had our grand opening!,” said Angie.
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Milkhouse Farm and Dairy

Cheese, yum!  There are few greater culinary pleasures than a really good artisanal cheese served with a nutty cracker and a glass of wine.  Anywhere I go I look for local cheeses.  So it was with great delight that I sampled and then fell in love with Milkhouse Farm and Diary sheep cheeses, made in Montague.  Not only are these absolutely delightful cheeses to serve with bread, crackers or add to your favourite soup, salad or potatoes, they’re easier to digest.   “A lot of people find it easier to digest; the sugars are different, so it’s not lactose free just easier to digest,” says Caitlyn White, who with her husband Kyle is a cheese maker at Milkhouse Farm and Dairy.
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Pasta Tavola Benefits from Bay of Quinte Region Location and Support

For Pasta Tavola, Victoria and Paula Watts’ pasta manufacturing & fresh food company, location is essential. In Belleville, part of the Bay of Quinte Region, the sisters have been able to affordably purchase their own retail and processing premises; even better, they are situated between—and in close proximity to—Ontario’s largest markets for wholesale food processing: Ottawa and Toronto.
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Farmersville Community Abattoir providing central services for livestock producers

ATHENS - Farmersville Community Abattoir (FCA) couldn't be more central and convenient within Leeds Grenville. Located at 63 Addison Road just minutes from Athens, the newly opened abattoir is doing a lot of business. FCA is a not-for-profit corporation conceived in February 2016 to address an urgent need in Leeds and Grenville for livestock slaughter services to local farmers.
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Abrams Bakery

A mouth-watering destination in Lennox and Addington County. Entrepreneurship is all about combining passion with opportunity and demand. Throw in a lot of hard work, persistence and a desire to please your clients and customers and you have the recipe for a successful business enterprise. For Trever and Donna Abrams, ‘recipe’ could not be a more apt term, as the couple recently turned their homespun and hearty baking recipes into the couple’s first business – Abrams Bakery, in the village of Newburgh.
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