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Success Stories in Advanced Manufacturing

TS Manufacturing

Lindsay’s TS Manufacturing began in 1973 when Ted Smith’s older brother Tom wanted to strike out on his own and use their combined talents and energy to build their own manufacturing plant to build equipment for the burgeoning forestry industry in Ontario. Today, the company boasts a 65,000-square-foot facility in Lindsay, and a workforce of approximately 75 to 80 highly-skilled employees, offering a startling array of equipment and machinery for every significant aspect of the lumber industry – exporting more than three quarters of their production to the United States and even further afield.
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It’s never an easy task to be a trailblazer. Going against the grain, taking the road less travelled, marching to the beat of your own drum, whatever you call it, there is no question it can be a challenge. Being an industry disrupter takes expertise in your field, a strong message, and, perhaps most importantly, courage. Lennox and Addington’s FireRein checks all of these boxes, and then some. Their office is tucked away in an renovated 1800s schoolhouse in Napanee Ontario. It's a quiet street in a quiet town, but FireRein’s mission is anything but that.
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Maximum Signs

Ron Haslam has been in the sign business for pretty much his entire working life. It’s his passion, not just his vocation. And his commitment to excellence, pride of purpose and a resolute policy that customer service is king has meant his firm, Maximum Signs, has been the ‘go to’ sign company for municipalities, developers and lots of other organizations for the past 28 years.
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It is a story of compelling inspiration, of the power of hope and positivity and a true lesson in perseverance, not just for other entrepreneurs, but for anyone striving to better their circumstances and their lives. The story of SnapCab® is the story of Glenn Bostock and how he took advantage of every opportunity thrust his way, made many more of his own opportunities and did not allow negativity, a rough experience in school and the prospect of failure to deter him from maximizing his potential and creating an innovative and successful business.
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Measurements International

A giant of a company famous for pioneering automated measurement is now entering its third decade in business with no sign of slowing down anytime soon. Measurements International Limited (MIL) is known throughout the world for its continued ground-breaking work in designing, manufacturing and calibrating measurement equipment. You'll find their equipment in government National Metrology Institutes (NMIs), calibration laboratories and Fortune 500 companies around the globe. MIL was the first to automate metrology in resistance (DC Metrology) and continues to innovate and lead.
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Willis Manufacturing

Already an in-demand custom metal fabrication business, Odessa-based Willis Manufacturing has added a second facility and new services to help the company develop, enhance and diversify it’s burgeoning Eastern Ontario customer base. Once it’s fully operational by the end of fall of 2017, the new 7,000-sqare-foot space will mean the solving of some growth-related logistical and storage issues. It also presents the opportunity to add a dimension to the suite of services the company can offer, making it a veritable one-stop shop for those looking for fabrication solutions that are fast and of superior quality and workmanship.
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The Lindsay Paper Box Co. Ltd.

In a corporate climate that is increasingly dominated by giant corporations gobbling up their smaller competitors, The Lindsay Paper Box Co. Ltd. stands apart as a successful, independent family oriented business that can still compete with the ‘big boys’ by offering specialized products and superior service to clients throughout North America.
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MemPore Environmental Technologies

A revolutionary nano-filtration technology used to turn used lubricating oil into clean base oil is poised to take the oil recycling industry by storm. Smiths Falls-based MemPore Environmental Technologies’ innovative membrane technology will give used oil collectors and recyclers an efficient alternative to re-refining used oil, while significantly reducing costs and environmental impacts.
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Continued growth and innovation on the horizon for Tweed

Welcome to Canopy Growth Corporation, where exponential growth has framed the future of what started as a small start-up and has since grown into a multibillion dollar, TSX-listed company. Headquartered in the town of Smiths Falls’ iconic industrial building, the former Hershey Chocolate factory,  Canopy Growth and its first national cannabis brand, Tweed, have  established a cutting-edge business that is shaping the future of the marijuana industry in Canada and around the world.
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As entrepreneurs go, Shahram Yousefi is something of a paradox – a “black sheep,” as he puts it. Most entrepreneurs hope to strike it rich. Not that he’d mind, probably, but first and foremost, the professor in Queen’s department of electrical and computer engineering is looking for solutions to problems. Entrepreneurs are single-minded. Once they have an idea, they clamp on like an angry pit bull, to the exclusion of everything else. He has not one but two seemingly different ideas, both of which he is passionate about. And, in a world where new ideas and products are hailed for their “disruptive” potential, he says that, at the root of what he does is “my passion for harmony.” Speaking by phone from California where he is currently on sabbatical, the passion of his work comes through. And Innovation Park is helping him realize it.
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