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Success Stories in Logistics and Transportation

Wills Transfer Ltd.

In 1945, G.H. Wills began with two small trucks owned by a hard-working, community-oriented family. The business was created to ship items in and around Smiths Falls and surrounding communities, quickly building a reputation for excellence, efficiency and affordability. From those humble beginnings the firm, which is now known as Wills Transfer Ltd., now boasts 160 employees working out of six warehousing facilities, operating a fleet of more than 40 tractors and 150 trailers delivering cargo throughout Eastern Ontario.  The Company is still based out of Smiths Falls and is now owned and operated by Terry and Heather Wills and their son, Jordi, who is the fourth generation of this family business.
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Lorenz Conveying Products

As an example of the true spirit of entrepreneurial achievement, there are few stories that are as compelling as that of Cobourg’s Lorenz Conveying Products.
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